Sea at Low Tide concerns Daisy, a middle-aged widow, and her nephew, Spencer, a veteran of the Afghan war, returning home with PTSD. Grappling with her widowhood and her nephew’s trauma, Daisy questions the person she has become versus the young woman she had been while a student of philosophy and the Great Books program at St. John’s College. As a young woman, Daisy had believed she would become the heroine of her own quest. Instead, she made decisions that led her to a vastly different life than the one she had imagined; she almost no longer recognizes herself. Further complications escalate her trials when her son insists on quitting college and a former lover reappears in Daisy’s life.

The characters in Sea at Low Tide represent our multicultural world today. Their races include: Black, Arab, Indian, Asian-American and Native American. Daisy, through her relationships, rediscovers the importance of questioning what she values in order to discover how she wants to live her life. Courageously dealing with the emptiness that grief creates, Daisy makes choices that move her forward and influence Spencer to do the same. Through their individual encounters with horses, Daisy and Spencer begin the process of healing. At its core, Sea at Low Tide asks who is our tribe and how do we determine our place within it?