• Sea at Low Tide

    Sea at Low Tide concerns Daisy, a middle-aged widow, and her nephew, Spencer, a veteran of the Afghan war, returning home with PTSD. Working with horses, Daisy and Spencer discover their identities and where they belong tribally.

    This project is in development.

  • The Young Ancestors

    “The Young Ancestors” follows a group of Native American teens, who, under the guidance of a mentor, are learning their native language. In a broader context this is a story of the burgeoning movement led by Native Americans to revitalize their language and culture.

  • A Horseback Ride to the Soul

    “A Horseback Ride to the Soul” explores groundwork and riding from a Collaborative Horsemanship approach. Collaborative Horsemanship implements prey-to-prey communication to establish a relationship of trust between human and horse.