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Inspiring and captivating stories of the human experience.

Storytelling creates healing by exposing our connectedness to each other and to our natural world. Originated in 2010, Camino Vérité Films has produced two award-winning documentary films and has promoted filmmaking through lectures, panels and presentations.

film projects

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A Horseback Ride to the Soul

“A Horseback Ride to the Soul” explores groundwork and riding from a Collaborative Horsemanship approach. Collaborative Horsemanship implements prey-to-prey communication to establish a relationship of trust between human and horse.

The Young Ancestors

“The Young Ancestors” follows a group of Native American teens, who, under the guidance of a mentor, are learning their native language. In a broader context this is a story of the burgeoning movement led by Native Americans to revitalize their language and culture.

Sea at Low Tide

Sea at Low Tide concerns Daisy, a middle-aged widow, and her nephew, Spencer, a veteran of the Afghan war, returning home with PTSD. Working with horses, Daisy and Spencer discover their identities and where they belong tribally.

This project is in development.

Meet the filmmaker

Aimée Barry Broustra

Aimée is an independent filmmaker and the founder of Camino Vérité Films. Exploring themes of trauma, suffering, and loss, her films are deeply personal, yet at the same time, full of hope. She believes that sharing these stories on camera is the best lens in which to explore and encourage healing. For Aimée, educational outreach in the form of lectures, presentations, and seminars is a natural continuation of the vision she presents in her films. Aimée has spoken on radio shows and presented on panels about the importance of Native language revitalization and the need for understanding, especially in regards to cultural appropriation. In Natural Horsemanship, Aimée has facilitated Relation Cheval workshops and seminars on Ethologie. Aimée is a member of the New Mexico Women in Film and of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International. A graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA., Aimée holds a Master’s Degree from St. John’s College, Graduate Institute, Santa Fe, NM.

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